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The delegates devoted their morning session discussing the Coordinated Biblical Pastoral Project. Fr. Goonan, Secretary of the CAP-ESW updated the assembly regarding the Project. The common project is in line with the objective that the General Government and the circumscription Governments, in accord with the International Apostolic Organisms, are to elaborate a project that coordinates the biblical pastoral of the Congregation (9th General Chapter, Priorities and Guidelines No. 1.2.2).

After the break, the delegates discussed the Common Bible Project for the CAP-ESW Region. Various possibilities were considered and it was agreed to take up the matter again later in the meeting.

I n the afternoon, the delegates visited the various departments of the Apostolic Sector in Makati: St Pauls Makati Bookstore, the Editorial Offices, Graphics, Information Technology (IT), SP Audio-Visuals and the new Alberione Hall which serves as auditorium and TV barn, and the Diffusion (Wholesale and Retail) Department. They also passed by the Administration Sector: the offices of the Provincial Government, the Provincial Information Office and Archives, and the Provincial Bursar and Central Administration.

After an afternoon break they continued to discuss possible collaborations in the Apostolate.

The day ended with the delegates joining the Makati Local Community in praying the Vespers at the Sanctuary of St. Paul and in dinner.  

Fotos by Fr. Restie de la Pena, Br. Alvaro Nobleza and Br. Tito Seo Yeong Joo 

Agenda Paolina

20 Ottobre 2021

Feria (v)
Rm 6,12-18; Sal 123; Lc 12,39-48

20 Ottobre 2021

* SSP: 1979 Casa D. Alberione ad Albano Laziale (Italia) • PD: 1947 arrivo negli USA.

20 Ottobre 2021

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